“What Pastor’s Wives Wish They Had Been Told”

Hello readers and welcome to my blog. This is a blog to share my many experiences as a First Lady or Pastor’s wife (however you choose to look at it); there is a difference and I’ll talk about that later on as well. Its my desire to help encourage someone that is already walking in this role and at the same time help to prepare someone that may be getting ready to operate in the role of a Pastors wife.
I will be very honest and transparent in the things that I say, it is ONLY through honesty and transparency that we are able to really help others and tap into the true nature of situations that surround us; this is what I desire to do. In reading these blogs you may experience many if not all types of emotions. they may make you laugh, cry, shout, say OMG, wonder, pray, take introspective looks within; but more than anything they’ll uplift and encourage you. I pray that as you read these blogs that you be blessed and encouraged as well open to what God may want to speak into your spirit! Thank you!